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Important note: Option suported only for Medmij.

With long-term permissions introduced in MedMij user must be given option to revoke permissions.

To get revoke url please do following:

// Initialize the SDK
import { init } from "@digime/digime-sdk-nodejs";

const sdk = init({ applicationId: <you-application-id> });

const contractDetails = {
contractId: <your-contract-id>,
privateKey: <private-key-for-contract-id>,

// contractDetails - The same one used in getAuthorizeUrl().
// userAccessToken - The user access token from the authorization step.
// accountId - Account Id
// redirectUri - Url you will be redirected to after revoke process is done

const { location } = await sdk.getRevokeAccountPermissionUrl({

Account ids can be used from the list of all user accounts that can be fetched using readAccounts.

Click here to check response that will be returned from getRevokeAccountPermissionUrl call.

The location returned might look something like this:

Redirect the user to this URL and they will have the possibility to adjust consent and withdraw it.

At the end of the process, the location provided above can contain following extra query parameters:

Parameter Description Returned Always
result Whether the call was successful. success or failed Yes
error_message If there was an error, an error code will be returned. No

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