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Handling Errors

By default, the SDK retries to make calls twice before giving up. This is something that can be configured when the SDK is initialised.

Errors Returned From digi.me API

These are errors that have been thrown by the digi.me API. These errors will be thrown as ServerError and it will contain an error object specifying the error.

import { ServerError } from "@digime/digime-sdk-nodejs";

// ... init the sdk

try {
    const response = await sdk.getAuthorizeUrl(parameters);
} catch (e) {

    // Check if it's a server error
    if (e instanceof ServerError) {

        // e.error is an object containing a code and a message
        const {code, message} = e.error
        return res.status(500).json({ code, message });

        // For example when the redirect URL is invalid:
        // code: InvalidRedirectUri
        // message: "The redirect_uri (${redirectUri}) is invalid"

    res.status(500).json({ error });

Some common errors returned from digi.me:

Code Message Description
InvalidRedirectUri The redirect_uri (${redirectUri}) is invalid The redirect URL that was supplied in the contract details was not valid.
InvalidToken The token (${tokenType}) is invalid The user access token or refresh token was invalid.
InvalidClient The client_id (${clientId}) is invalid The contract and/or application ID is invalid for this environment.
InsufficientScope The request requires higher privileges than provided by the access token The contract used is only for one off read.
SDKVersion This SDK is not recognised.
SDKVersionInvalid This SDK version is no longer supported.

Type Validation Errors

TypeValidationError are thrown when the parameters passed in fail runtime type checks.

Decryption Errors

When decrypting files from digi.me, if an incorrect private key is provided, FileDecryptionError will be thrown.

Other Errors

DigiMeSDKError - Thrown for other generic errors in the SDK.

Further Issues

If, after reading this section, your issue persists, please contact digi.me developer support. You can find FAQs and create a support ticket by visiting digi.me support. Alternatively you can email dev support by sending an email to support@digi.me

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