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Writing Data

Before we can be write data to the user, we should already have a user access token for this user.

If not, you'll need to authorize them first. Make sure the user access token is for a write contract.

Once you have authorized a write contract, you should have the postboxId, publicKey and the userAccessToken for this user.

// ... initialize the SDK

// contractDetails - The same one used in getAuthorizeUrl().
// userAccessToken - The user access token from the authorization step.
// postboxId - The postboxId from the authorization step.
// publicKey - The public key from the authorization step.
// data - An object containing the buffer of the file to upload and some meta data.

const result = await sdk.write({
    data: {
        fileData: req.file.buffer,
        fileName: req.file.originalname,
        fileDescriptor: JSON.parse(fileMeta),

A status of delivered will be returned if it is written to the user's digi.me. An user access token that was successfully used will also be returned. The SDK might have refreshed the one that was passed in.


This is how you should format the data property:

interface FileMeta {
    fileData: Buffer;
    fileName: string;
    fileDescriptor: {
        mimeType: string;
        accounts: Array<{
            accountId: string;
        reference?: string[];
        tags?: string[];
Parameter Required Description Type
fileData Yes A Buffer of the data that is to be pushed into the user's library. Buffer
fileDescriptor Yes Information regarding the data pushed. FileDescriptor
fileName Yes Name of the file to be attached. string


Parameter Required Description Type
accountId Yes Account ID of the user in your system. Currently this is a required field for all data to be pushed in. string
accounts Yes An array of account objects used to identify the user in your system. object[]
mimeType Yes MimeType of the file that has been pushed in. string
tags No Any tags you might want to attach with the file. Used when you want to retrieve it again. string[]

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