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Getting Available Services

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Getting Available Services

The SDK Provides a function which you can use to determine what services can be onboarded for your contract. The Contract you pass in must be a READ contract, which means it's a contract that asks for user's data.

Configuration Options

See all possible configurations when initializing the SDK.


The available services.

Service describes the different service groups


The most basic initialization:

// Initialize the SDK
import {init} from "@digime/digime-sdk-nodejs";
const sdk = init({ applicationId: <you-application-id> });

const services = await sdk.getAvailableServices(<read-contract-id>);

For a contract that only asks for Twitter data, the response might be:

    "name": "Twitter",
    "publishedDate": 1518428711000,
    "publishedStatus": "approved",
    "reference": "twitter",
    "id": 2,
    "serviceGroups": [
            "id": 1
    "countries": [],
    "homepageURL": "https://twitter.com",
    "title": "Add your Twitter...",
    "subTitle": "Your tweets, likes and mentions",
    "resources": [
            "mimetype": "image/png",
            "resize": "fit",
            "type": 0,
            "url": "https://securedownloads.digi.me/static/development/discovery/services/twitter/icon25x25.png",
            "aspectratio": {
                "accuracy": 100,
                "actual": "1:1",
                "closest": "1:1"
            "height": 25,
            "width": 25

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