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Raw Data

Introduction prides itself in normalising data from a huge array of sources into common ontologies, however, sometimes you may encounter data within a user’s that is unmapped, in other words, raw data. In the client, this will be rendered as a raw ‘data drop’. If we can deserialise this to JSON, we will show the raw JSON tree, otherwise there will be no facility to preview the data, it will only be available over the Private Sharing service - this is for security reasons.

Pulling Raw Data

The facility to pull raw data is, much like any data type, bound by one’s contract. Please contact support to discuss having the raw data entitlement added to your contract.

Mime Types:

When pulling raw data from the Private Sharing platform, any DMEFile containing raw data should be handled appropriately for that data.

For example, DMEFile has a mimeType property. This will be one case of the DMEMimeType enum.

Most instances of raw data will have the DMEMimeTypeApplication_json mime type, symbolising JSON data which didn’t fit within existing ontology. In this case, you can invoke fileContentAsJSON just as you would for mapped data.

For any other mime type, fileContentAsJSON will return nil. In such cases, it should not be used and you should instead access the NSData file content directly with the fileContent property and handle it how you see fit for your use case.

Pushing Raw Data

If you push data to a Postbox that isn’t pre-mapped to our Ontology, it will be treated as raw data and pushed into a user’s as such. The metadata supplied with the push will be used to deduce the data’s mime type going forward (IE the mime type the file has when pulled back down).

Please see the Postbox Documentation for more information on pushing data into